Classes @ The Island Garden Center

45 Cherry Valley Ave

West Hempstead, NY 11552

Now Offering In-Home Training

Any Location on Long Island

Nassau & Suffolk Counties

At Peluso Fitness we want to educate you about the importance of eating smart and exercising efficiently.

We are focused on incorporating a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude in your daily routine through exercise and diet.

Small Group training using free weights, kickboxing, sports performance and military grade exercises and plenty of abdominal and glute exercises.


We use modern training philosophies to push your body in a safe & controlled environment.


We love to work with clients who have the drive to get faster, stronger, and leaner from new moms to old dads. We specialize in training the high school and young athlete. Let us prepare you for your next tryout, mudder, or big race. You will workout in a competitive environment to take your game to the next level. You will improve your ability, speed, strength, and performance. Train with Peluso Fitness today!

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Peluso Fitness is AAU Certified!