Great article for tightening your glutes

Hi. Merry Christmas and happy new year!!  Here’s a great article on developing your glutes and strengthening your posterior.  These movements are supplemental exercise to the “king of all exercises”, the squat!  We used these exercises in special forces and collegiate sports, and along with the squat, these movements are to be used by people to spice up your routine.


New trainee to Mike Peluso, has already squatted more than her body weight, excelled in her federal law enforcement physical tests and continues to drop body fat and body weight!   

Think Out of the Box

be creative in your workouts, especially if you are a tactical athlete (Marine), or a first responder, bored housewife ! Throw on a weight vest or change the plane of an exercise.  In this picture doing a variation of the push-up on Bars to change wrist position with a little more core activation by use of elevated feet and weight vest.

Have fun!! 


Exercise Smart Outdoors in Summer

Firstly Hydrate!  Make sure you drink plenty of water or mix it with some Gatorade or fresh fruit.  

Workout early in the morning before peak heat and humidity.  Get a good warm up for your neuromuscular systems can expect some stress.  Get the heart rate up for that internal stretch of capillaries and muscle fibers.  Feel free to ask questions for me online.  Online training and nutritional guidance is available to set you up for success and help guide you through proper nutrition.   


Exercise without your personal trainer

Having your trainer come to your home your gym or going to trainers studio, is great motivation for you to get up and start moving.  When on vacation or a non- trainer day, you can do these basic exercises to add or maintain your strength, flexibility and your pump. 

on vacation or a bike path, put water in your back pack and hike.  Set a goal of 30 mins and just walk.  Walk for more time if you like and get more results.   

on vacation or a bike path, put water in your back pack and hike.  Set a goal of 30 mins and just walk.  Walk for more time if you like and get more results.


On the beach!  Do some crunches, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, and pushups.  The sand adds natural resistance and fresh air helps recovery and sunshine adds that calcium .



Osteoporosis is at epidemic proportions.  Fifty percent of women over age 50 and 25 percent of men will break a bone due to osteoporosis during their lives. This is not just an old persons disease ! We are seeing more people under age 50 being diagnosed and it is of concern to women and men whom can have brittle bones too. 

         The most effective exercises for preventing osteoporosis and working with those already diagnosed with this disease are weight bearing, resistance training, balance, posture, stress reducing exercise and impact exercise.   

   A safe osteoporosis exercise routine consists of weight bearing exercises for 150 minutes per week. By adding strength training, body weight or hand weights will stimulate bone building cells, improve balance, coordination and agility.  Strength training increases bone density because when muscle contracts, it pulls on the bone. A strong muscle will increase its strength and mass around the bone.  Falls cause fractures, weight training increases balance, agility and strength adds Insurance to combat Kyphosis. Kypjosis effects balance, posture and these symptoms are also corrected through weight bearing exercises. The picture below is a client in a semi private class of whom is over 55.  Consistency breeds success and strength and thwarts the process of osteoporosis.  Call for more info and on line training is available as well as in person training.



 Be creative and use resistance.  You can try doing med -ball slams, forward, side to side , slams from the Russian twist movement.   

Barbell sit-ups are also a good alternative and a great warmup for shoulders and thoracic cavity prior to bench pressing, squatting, etc..   


Recover From Your Workouts

Protein!!!  The key is to get at least 20 grams of protein within 60 minutes after your workout.  Use a combination of whey and casein so you have a fast and slower absorption of the nutrient.    

Protein also will help replenish your energy systems in your cells.  

A perfect reduction of body fat.  This client dropped 6 lbs in eight weeks!!  

A perfect reduction of body fat.  This client dropped 6 lbs in eight weeks!!  


A workout buddy may help you stay focused. Sometimes a solo walk or bike ride may clear your mind, but a workout partner can help you stick with your routine.  

Recent studies indicate workouts with a squad or small group or with a trainer twice per week elevates your estrogens and testosterone for women and men.  

Semi private workouts with Mike Peluso in a private studio or outdoors!  

Semi private workouts with Mike Peluso in a private studio or outdoors!  

The Uglier The Better

Stay focused on your primary exercises.  It is good to vary exercises but don't get caught up on "fad" lifts or the European lifts are the best mindset.  They were conquered twice in one century, that aside, the ugly deadlift variations and power squats are the best total body strength and metabolism boosters you can do.  The bench press is the king of upper body strength and development.  

Contact Mike to enhance your current fitness or strength goals.  

Even the cat wants to get a beach ready body !! 

Even the cat wants to get a beach ready body !! 


To all my clients and their families and friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR.  We will make 2016 a better , healthier, stronger, smarter and more prosperous year .  Remember, fitness is not a final goal, but a journey.  Your journey with Peluso Fitness is a fun eclectic, effective exercise buffet.   

"learning to enjoy exercise can help people make healthier food choices."  When my clients think exercise is fun, and it is with Mike, they tend to make healthier food choices. 



You can't skip sleep and think you can make serious strength gains or increase muscle tone.   

A study in "sleep" journal suggests we need at least six hours of sleep per nite to have better workouts.   

Consistantly getting less than six hours per nite can lead to fat gain, diabetes, slow metabolic syndrome .  



Water fruits like grapes, watermelon,cantaloupe, honeydew are alternatives to drinking water to replenish fluids and boost your energy after a vigorous workout session.  

5am group cooling down with a rejuvenating stretch after personal training session before starting their day. 



The power of water is evident during the summer months. The signs of dehydration include muscle weakness, headache, dizziness, and muscle cramps.  Don't be stingy with water, stay hydrated.  It takes five minutes of training outdoors to boost your energy, whether it's running, biking, or training with mike peluso at his outdoor fitness Bootcamp !!