The evil of sugar

Sugar releases dopamine in the brain. This effect produces a "high " effect your brain enjoys. Creating cravings for more sugar in the form of Junk food, soda, pasta, bread, rice, cereals. 

Sugar causes the release of insulin to stop the absorption of sugar and prevent more fat cells from being produced. Too much of sugars over time produces insulin resistance in the body. This causes obesity, cardio vascular disease, type two diabetes.  

Here is how to control sugar, stop consuming it!!!  Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners. Switch to honey, agave nectar, stevia. Most importantly is to exercise with weighted resistance in short burst interval type workouts. The type of workouts I do with my clients and anaerobic type training with my combat, football athletes.  


There all different modes of resistance training. Be safe and have fun in your training and be consistent to ensure your progress AND stop the sugar 😉