Osteoporosis is at epidemic proportions.  Fifty percent of women over age 50 and 25 percent of men will break a bone due to osteoporosis during their lives. This is not just an old persons disease ! We are seeing more people under age 50 being diagnosed and it is of concern to women and men whom can have brittle bones too. 

         The most effective exercises for preventing osteoporosis and working with those already diagnosed with this disease are weight bearing, resistance training, balance, posture, stress reducing exercise and impact exercise.   

   A safe osteoporosis exercise routine consists of weight bearing exercises for 150 minutes per week. By adding strength training, body weight or hand weights will stimulate bone building cells, improve balance, coordination and agility.  Strength training increases bone density because when muscle contracts, it pulls on the bone. A strong muscle will increase its strength and mass around the bone.  Falls cause fractures, weight training increases balance, agility and strength adds Insurance to combat Kyphosis. Kypjosis effects balance, posture and these symptoms are also corrected through weight bearing exercises. The picture below is a client in a semi private class of whom is over 55.  Consistency breeds success and strength and thwarts the process of osteoporosis.  Call for more info and on line training is available as well as in person training.